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Friday, May 25, 2012

Criminal Movies at Flights, Fights and Movie Nights

I'm very pleased to announce that Criminal Movies is featured this week on Flights, Fights and Movie Nights, as part of Bubbawheat's very cool Follow Friday feature. Basically he took a good look around the site and asked some questions based on the trip, which I answered. He feels like it's better than a blogroll and I'm inclined to agree.

He's already covered some cool blogging people (like last week's interview with M. at The Smoking Pen who is my official BAMF of the week for suggesting me.)

I suggested he talk to the super talented J.D. at Radiator Heaven  next time, so watch for that, and why not stay tuned every Friday? It's really a great way to discover some great movie bloggers you may not run into otherwise. Check out his other posts too, he typically focuses on super hero films.

So, go have a look at the Criminal Movies interview here, and keep an eye out on Fridays. Thanks again Bubbawheat!



Unknown said...

Thanks for the recommendation! I enjoyed your interview. Fascinating stuff, esp. the bit about anti-heroes.

INDBrent said...

Thanks J.D., my pleasure! They were fun questions to think about, and clearly based on looking through the site. I'm really liking Bubbawheat's feature. Looking forward to yours!

Unknown said...

Wow! Congrats on the awesome interview. I loved reading how you got started on crime films and anti-heroes. I've never liked the pure hearted heroes, either. Captain America annoys me to no end.

INDBrent said...

Thanks Mel! Yeah, I think the "pure hero" characters have never been believable to me. Where's the motivation?

Bubbawheat said...

In my opinion, the "pure hero" movies have to be all about either the villain, or the temptation of corruption.

And thank you for having great answers to my questions. Always fun exploring new sites.

INDBrent said...

yeah I could see that. It's a tough character to do something with, unless like you say, the intent is to use him or her as contrast. My pleasure for sure. You've got a great feature going!